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Acquisition Sciences, Ltd.
Beverly Francy, Designated Broker
1990 W. Camelback Road, Suite 207
Phoenix, AZ 85015
Phone (602) 234-1000
FAX (602) 277-2888

What is Acquisition Sciences, Ltd?

Acquisition Sciences, Ltd., also known as Acquisition Sciences II, LLLP, is a full service right of way organization incorporated in 1990. The company has the capability of providing a turn-key operation, including acquisition of right of ways and easements, relocation advisory assistance, project management and consulting services on a contract basis to public agencies, private organizations and other individuals needing such services. Prior to the formation of Acquisition Sciences, Ltd., the principal, Beverly Francy, SR/WA, has been involved in the real estate, land titles, government and the right of way profession since 1967. The firm has proven its professional and management skills in a broad variety of federally and state funded projects.

Under the direction of Beverly Francy, SR/WA, Arizona Real Estate Broker, the firm has proven that it is capable of completing the largest of projects with accuracy and efficiency. Projects varying in scope of work, property type, and number of parcels have been completed throughout Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico, as well as other Western States.

Acquisition Sciences, Ltd. has an in-depth knowledge of ongoing market conditions, governmental regulations (including the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 49 CFR Part 24 and the Arizona and Nevada Revised Statutes) and public policy. In addition, through continuing research and data service subscriptions, the firm is abreast of the dynamics of each state and community as they affect local real estate values and trends. Prior to commencing any assignment, the firm evaluates and analyzes the latest available information from a variety of sources including but not limited to, state, local and national research institutions, multi-listing services, local and regional real estate brokerage firms, sale data publications and examination of local public records.

As with many projects, bi-lingual services may be needed to ensure effective communications with property owners and displacees. Acquisition Sciences, Ltd. has Spanish speaking translators to assist in meeting the communications needs of the project.

If selected by your organization to provide the acquisition, relocation and project management services, Acquisition Sciences, Ltd. would dedicate the time and services of their staff of project managers/supervisors, agents and support personnel in the successful completion of the project.